Forever Homes

Luxuries Apartments situated 8-20 minutes away from the CBD, Forever Home is situated along Kindaruma Lane, a few meters from
Ngong Road.
It is easily accessible and situated next to social amenities e.g. malls (Prestige Mall, Green House Mall, Ad Life), Health Services
(Coptic Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, KNH etc.), churches/mosques, schools (St. Nicholas School, St. Hannah Preparatory School,
Kilimani Primary School), entertainment joints and a host of important facilities that cater to your everyday needs.
Residents get to enjoy a number of amenities including:
Ample parking space // Modern effective security // Equipped gym //Borehole and piped water from Nairobi Water
Dual serviced elevator//Backup generator //picturesque view of the CBD, Nairobi National Park from the rooftop.
Forever Home owns total of
108 units with variety designs i.e. open plan kitchen, spacious living room, 2 master bedrooms ensuite
2-bedroom total 36 units approximated size 982m
3 bedrooms total 12 units approximated size 1282m
3 bedrooms with DSQ 60 units approximated size 1322m
Other advantages:
1. SAFETY : It’s relatively safe and secure. The apartments are equipped with a security system and security personnel present at
main entrance of the building.
2. COMMUNITY : Other great benefit is the social implications of the close proximity and connections one develops during their
residency. The apartments have the potential to enhance friendship and connections among residents.
Rental advantages:
Reasonable and affordable prices,
A centralized area within accessible business hub.
Comprehensive utilization i.e. accommodation and airbnb